Taco Salad!

So, reading through one of the threads over at Marks Daily Apple Forums and someone mentioned Taco Salad.

Now, I LOVE Taco Salad. It’s one of those things that I’ve always considered a comfort food, so, naturally, I had to go looking for a Primal recipe for the taco seasoning!

(And to think, before I’d RINSE my taco meat to get rid of the fat! NO MORE!)

I’m poppin’ down to Safeways and pick up these ingredients:

2 T chili powder (Got it already)
1-1/2 T cumin (Got it already)
1-1/2 T paprika
1 T onion powder
1 T garlic powder
2 tsp oregano (I …maybe got it?)
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes

(Source: Caveman Food Blog )

And some full fat Sour Cream. Because I’m not quite ready to take that no-dairy leap yet.

(Though, looking at my ‘chicken skin’ I can already see what no-grains is doing for me!)

I’ll snag some high fat, grass fed ground beef if I can find it, and then drop a HUGE PILE of this stuff onto a bed of romaine lettuce, home made salsa (With Tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, cilantro!)

I’ll make the salsa today, so it has time to Salsafy, and tomorrow I will have delicious delicious Taco Salad with Dani! I’m really looking forward to it!


Well, let’s hear it!

So, since starting this journey down a paleolithic path, last Wed, I’ve improved my mood, improved my desire to get up and DO, improved my thinking, and been REALLY HAPPY with what I’ve been eating. But, the world is results based, they don’t care how I FEEL, so, let me just leave this here:

Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter

I think that says a lot that eating the high fat and low carbs that I’ve been doing has really had me feeling fantastic. I did 20 Asian squats, and 20 wall pushups yesterday, just to see if I could! Which…I could! I’ll see about doing 25 here soon. Just to see.

The folks over at Marks Daily Apple are all amazing, and encouraging. They’re all happy to answer any kind of question you’ve got, and I’ve seen…no snark. It’s really a community. It’s becoming the first site I visit in the morning!

Okay, back to making my list of stuff to do today!!

So, I thought I’d be sore…

I walked three miles yesterday, in a person who doesn’t walk miles at all.

I thought I’d be sore, but…five o’clock this morning I feel pretty damn good! I’m gonna get up in about half an hour, and I think I’ll have the rest of my bacon wrapped chicken for breakfast instead of an omelet today.

Then, I’ll marinade that steak and have it for lunch/dinner.

I joined The Gnolls.org Forum and hopefully will be welcomed there after posting my intro, and the webmaster’s commenting on one of my previous posts.

I think I’ll take today easy, clean my room, finish the bathroom floor installation, do my unemployment paperwork, and curl up and read Primal Body, Primal Mind while I wait for a friend of mine to ship me some Paleo/Primal cookbooks! ^_^

Need to sell some artwork to buy the Gnoll Creedo too. Hmn. If I finish my floor, I’ll get on that.

Reccomended Reading

Oh, mainly for me. I need to keep a list of things to really sit down and digest..

The beginner’s guide to the Paleo Diet.

Eat like a Predator, not like Prey; Paleo in six easy steps.

What can we learn from the greatest video game of all time…ZELDA!

Meet Staci: Your new Powerlifting Super Hero.

How to Marinate Meat.

Primal Workout.

Day…five I believe.

Things are going remarkably well!

I got up and swapped up my omelet. I made it with three eggs sauteed onions and shredded cheese and sour cream. Not my favorite. Needed more crunch in it, I think I’ll need to saute the bell peppers into it again, as that was pretty darned delicious.

I walked three miles today for my ‘move slowly’ day. I got my heartbeat to a lovely 120 bpm (That’s RIGHT in the 75% sweet spot).

I decided to go to Walnut Creek, because the trip from the BART station to Whole Foods is 1.7 miles. I got to the BART station and it was all “27 minutes till the next train”. So, I took the few minutes to do some inclined pushups. Mostly because I tried to do some REAL pushups and, well…not so much -_-;) I only got 10 in, because the train showed up, and I had to get on it. NO busses were running today, so I had to hoof it for the whole thing. I got some books, (And…you know me, brought some books) so my messenger bag got a little heavy near the end there.

I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up Primal Body, Primal Mind by Nora T. Gedgaudas. Sofar, it’s been a good read. I want as much information on Primal Living as I can find!

I then walked the rest of the way to Whole Foods, and picked up some Coconut Oil for cooking (Apparently it’s better than the olive oil I’ve been using!) and I decided to get some sushi as well. I picked up one of those six packs of salmon nigiri and it was labeled $1.99! So, I took it up front and asked ‘is this right?’ And she said “Well, I have to give it to you for that price, you got a deal!”

I was happy.

Walking back was rough though, about…Eh, three hundred feet from my goal I got really, really tired, and had to sit down. So, with my brand spanking new watch I counted my heartbeats and, what do you know, 120! Sweet spot indeed!

I may have done some ‘sprints’ today when I had to climb the stairs, but, I’m not going to count them.

Tonight, bacon wrapped chicken for dinner, and an early bed time!

Jalapeno Bacon Chicken


That’s where I got today’s recipe. Of course, this morning I had an amazing omelet. I learned that sauteing the onions really makes it taste so good. Though, I need to figure out how to heat up the chicken before I put it in the omelet… Maybe I can drop that into the frying pan with the onions… >.> Ah well, tomorrow’s a cheese omelet!

Well, today, the Jalapeno Bacon Chicken is in the oven cooking away. They’re really very cute, I went all party-colored with the toothpicks.

I had to cook them longer than the recommended time and turn the broiler on to get the bacon crispy, but it was so worth it! Will make again! I like that the pepper’s barely there, pretty much just in the scent.

I’m kind of amazed at how easy this is to stick to. Apart from eating rice with Dani yesterday, and…my crazy milk addiction.

I love milk. Dairy. If it comes from some sort of lactating animal, I want to drink it, eat it, or put it on my meat. Which, isn’t part of the whole primal thing…So, I’m going to wean myself off of the delicious dairy.

I’m not exercising yet, because, well, my poor body’s so broken down that I just…can’t do it yet. Well, maybe the wall pushups, and the deep squats. (I tried one yesterday and surprised myself that I could do it!)

Who am I?

So, hi there!


I’m Primal Dire Wolf, or just…Wolf I suppose.


I’m 30 years old, from the Bay Area of California.  My vital stats are:



45″ waist


So you can see why I took an interest in the ‘primal’ lifestyle.  Namely, because everything I’ve read about it, from people who think ‘oh, this will work’ to the people who are hugely skeptical…and it works for them anyway!


So, I’m taking the time to work on this.  I’ve got to order The Primal Blueprint and give it one of my famous ‘sit down and read’.


A friend of mine is also going to be sending me some Paleo recipe books, which are the same idea.


Sofar, I’ve been doing this about four days, well within the 80% limit, and I feel pretty good!  I actually got up and did all of the dishes this morning, which…well, that’s fairly unusual for me.  I’m one of those kinds of people who like to laze about in bed, and do nothing.  But, these days, it’s been harder and harder to do nothing!


So, I’m doing really well with it, I’m enjoying it as a lifestyle change, and I do look forward to seeing some results!


I’ll be posting recipes, and fitness achievements, and things I learn from the Marks Daily Apple website.


So, welcome to my living blog!