So, I’m home with my folks at the moment! It’s been fantastic!

But, I’ve also indulged in a Chicago Style Hot Dog, some cake, a breadstick and a half, and Beef a Roo. But, y’know what? I feel pretty good! I’m careful to keep the ‘bad’ stuff to a minimum.

BUT! It has been neat to see what’s affected by the SAD and then my awesome Primal eatings. (I hate calling it a ‘diet’. It sounds so…limiting!)

My ears ring when I eat bread! My dad has SUPER tinnitus. He’s not sure why I’ve got mine, but…I discovered that 20 days of primal, and it was GONE. Like, no ringing at all!

I ate at Beef-a-Roo, and my bloodsugar SHOT up, and … THERE WAS THE RINGING! O.O

So, now I barely want to ‘cheat’ because of the ringing. I’m worried about eating some things because of the ringing! I just feel so FANTASTIC without, I’m worried about eating crap! This is HUGE for me! I’m not one of those people who ‘cared’ about ‘consequences’ before!

It’s difficult to eat out all the time with your family, but, I’m doing fairly well!

I’m just happy it’s all going so well! ^_^