One of the things that I think keeps me going is the members of the forum over at Mark’s Daily Apple.

But, success stories sometimes bring near tears to my eyes.

This guy was HUGE…and now look at him. He’s RIPPED! At 53!

Is that how it’s supposed to work? And how it’s working?

And it’s working for me too!! I mean, in most things, ‘success stories’ are other people, right? It’s not supposed to be about me…I’m not supposed to succeed, but … here we are! I’m succeeding.

I feel like I can be another success story. Every time I go to the forums, I WANT to work out, I WANT to look like some of the people on the forum. And, the thing about this is…I feel like I can actually DO IT!

I already hit my first (Not very ambitious) goal! My next goal is size 40 pants comfortably!