Well, okay, so I weighed myself.

I now weigh less than I do on my driver license. I put down 255 on it, and now I’m at 252.4. How did this happen!?

Oh, I know, I’m eating right and Moving Slowly. I’m also trying to keep my stress down. Even though I don’t have a job, I’m…feeling alright.

I’m baking myself a cake, because no one else in the house is Primal/Paleo, so I found a recipe online, and I’m making it. We’ll see how it turns out. I’m going to treat myself to some raspberries and heavy whipped cream on it!

The cake recipe is from Girl Gone Primal.

Cake 4 Dummies! NO, really, it was stupidly simple, just be aware that the 175C means 350F! Baking it at 175F like an idiot won’t do much for you! Mine took about, oh, 20 minutes to bake till it was fluffy, and didn’t cling to a toothpick. I’m letting it rest and cool before I do anything else to it.

I need to go get some whipped cream…and raspberries.

Happy Birth-day to Mee!