I went to Whole Foods today. I got a third a pound of scallops, which…have already been deliciously nommed. Half pound of organic lamb shoulder cubes, and a whole pound of ground Grass-Fed Organic Beef. It’s weird, I’m spending money on AMAZING food.

I also picked up some eggs (Of course! Can’t make omelets without eggs!) Some Omega-3 eggs, cage free, raised outdoors eggs, of…all kinds of different colors! They’re kind of neat.

Got some veggies, all organic, and some Ghee, which I thought I’d try. It really worked well with the scallops.

My Dairydiction continues, however. I got some cream cheese (To go with the salmon!) and some cottage cheese. But, I’ve pretty much cut grains entirely. I still slip up on occasion, but when I ate my ‘favorite’ rolls at Texas Roadhouse, it … just wasn’t what I wanted. The salad was awesome, even if it had no croutons. (Though, the honey mustard dressing probably wasn’t primal at all…which…I didn’t mind one bit! It was delicious!) I did have rice and flatbread at Old Jerusalem, a really stellar little place, but, really? And I had the extra fixings with the Sushi…In the entire visit my friend Jukka was out, that was all the places that I slipped. Otherwise, I stuck to what I’m doing, and did a lot of walking!

I want to go pick up the actual Primal Blueprint book tomorrow morning. I think it’ll be part of my Moving Slowly. I’ll go for a nice long walk after breakfast, snag the Primal Blueprint, and have that for some nice light regular reading at night, so that I don’t stay up all night and have difficulty sleeping again.

Tomorrow…Omelet! Cheese, onions, bell peppers, sour cream.

I can’t wait!