So, a friend visited me from out East, and I had an AWESOME time!

But, I totally nommed all over some bread. I had about four pieces of flatbread, rice, and a roll at separate times through the weekend. I feel a little more bloaty, which isn’t comfortable at all. I’m not fond of that, but, I’m looking forward to being PRIMAL again!

I need to go shopping tomorrow, tonight I’ve got some kind of chuck steak sitting in the refrigerator that I need to cook up before it goes off, which, is probably tonight.

I think I’ll just cut it up real fine, toss it in the pan with some of my onions and bell peppers and squeeze a lime over it. Can’t really go wrong there, can ya!?

Tomorrow, I’m gonna go shopping! Woo! Mi Pueblo and Whole Foods (Which includes a three mile round trip walk!). Should be pretty, pretty darned good!

See y’all around!