So, since starting this journey down a paleolithic path, last Wed, I’ve improved my mood, improved my desire to get up and DO, improved my thinking, and been REALLY HAPPY with what I’ve been eating. But, the world is results based, they don’t care how I FEEL, so, let me just leave this here:

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I think that says a lot that eating the high fat and low carbs that I’ve been doing has really had me feeling fantastic. I did 20 Asian squats, and 20 wall pushups yesterday, just to see if I could! Which…I could! I’ll see about doing 25 here soon. Just to see.

The folks over at Marks Daily Apple are all amazing, and encouraging. They’re all happy to answer any kind of question you’ve got, and I’ve seen…no snark. It’s really a community. It’s becoming the first site I visit in the morning!

Okay, back to making my list of stuff to do today!!