I walked three miles yesterday, in a person who doesn’t walk miles at all.

I thought I’d be sore, but…five o’clock this morning I feel pretty damn good! I’m gonna get up in about half an hour, and I think I’ll have the rest of my bacon wrapped chicken for breakfast instead of an omelet today.

Then, I’ll marinade that steak and have it for lunch/dinner.

I joined The Gnolls.org Forum and hopefully will be welcomed there after posting my intro, and the webmaster’s commenting on one of my previous posts.

I think I’ll take today easy, clean my room, finish the bathroom floor installation, do my unemployment paperwork, and curl up and read Primal Body, Primal Mind while I wait for a friend of mine to ship me some Paleo/Primal cookbooks! ^_^

Need to sell some artwork to buy the Gnoll Creedo too. Hmn. If I finish my floor, I’ll get on that.