Things are going remarkably well!

I got up and swapped up my omelet. I made it with three eggs sauteed onions and shredded cheese and sour cream. Not my favorite. Needed more crunch in it, I think I’ll need to saute the bell peppers into it again, as that was pretty darned delicious.

I walked three miles today for my ‘move slowly’ day. I got my heartbeat to a lovely 120 bpm (That’s RIGHT in the 75% sweet spot).

I decided to go to Walnut Creek, because the trip from the BART station to Whole Foods is 1.7 miles. I got to the BART station and it was all “27 minutes till the next train”. So, I took the few minutes to do some inclined pushups. Mostly because I tried to do some REAL pushups and, well…not so much -_-;) I only got 10 in, because the train showed up, and I had to get on it. NO busses were running today, so I had to hoof it for the whole thing. I got some books, (And…you know me, brought some books) so my messenger bag got a little heavy near the end there.

I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up Primal Body, Primal Mind by Nora T. Gedgaudas. Sofar, it’s been a good read. I want as much information on Primal Living as I can find!

I then walked the rest of the way to Whole Foods, and picked up some Coconut Oil for cooking (Apparently it’s better than the olive oil I’ve been using!) and I decided to get some sushi as well. I picked up one of those six packs of salmon nigiri and it was labeled $1.99! So, I took it up front and asked ‘is this right?’ And she said “Well, I have to give it to you for that price, you got a deal!”

I was happy.

Walking back was rough though, about…Eh, three hundred feet from my goal I got really, really tired, and had to sit down. So, with my brand spanking new watch I counted my heartbeats and, what do you know, 120! Sweet spot indeed!

I may have done some ‘sprints’ today when I had to climb the stairs, but, I’m not going to count them.

Tonight, bacon wrapped chicken for dinner, and an early bed time!