That’s where I got today’s recipe. Of course, this morning I had an amazing omelet. I learned that sauteing the onions really makes it taste so good. Though, I need to figure out how to heat up the chicken before I put it in the omelet… Maybe I can drop that into the frying pan with the onions… >.> Ah well, tomorrow’s a cheese omelet!

Well, today, the Jalapeno Bacon Chicken is in the oven cooking away. They’re really very cute, I went all party-colored with the toothpicks.

I had to cook them longer than the recommended time and turn the broiler on to get the bacon crispy, but it was so worth it! Will make again! I like that the pepper’s barely there, pretty much just in the scent.

I’m kind of amazed at how easy this is to stick to. Apart from eating rice with Dani yesterday, and…my crazy milk addiction.

I love milk. Dairy. If it comes from some sort of lactating animal, I want to drink it, eat it, or put it on my meat. Which, isn’t part of the whole primal thing…So, I’m going to wean myself off of the delicious dairy.

I’m not exercising yet, because, well, my poor body’s so broken down that I just…can’t do it yet. Well, maybe the wall pushups, and the deep squats. (I tried one yesterday and surprised myself that I could do it!)