So, hi there!


I’m Primal Dire Wolf, or just…Wolf I suppose.


I’m 30 years old, from the Bay Area of California.  My vital stats are:



45″ waist


So you can see why I took an interest in the ‘primal’ lifestyle.  Namely, because everything I’ve read about it, from people who think ‘oh, this will work’ to the people who are hugely skeptical…and it works for them anyway!


So, I’m taking the time to work on this.  I’ve got to order The Primal Blueprint and give it one of my famous ‘sit down and read’.


A friend of mine is also going to be sending me some Paleo recipe books, which are the same idea.


Sofar, I’ve been doing this about four days, well within the 80% limit, and I feel pretty good!  I actually got up and did all of the dishes this morning, which…well, that’s fairly unusual for me.  I’m one of those kinds of people who like to laze about in bed, and do nothing.  But, these days, it’s been harder and harder to do nothing!


So, I’m doing really well with it, I’m enjoying it as a lifestyle change, and I do look forward to seeing some results!


I’ll be posting recipes, and fitness achievements, and things I learn from the Marks Daily Apple website.


So, welcome to my living blog!