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A bit off the wagon…

So, I’m home with my folks at the moment! It’s been fantastic!

But, I’ve also indulged in a Chicago Style Hot Dog, some cake, a breadstick and a half, and Beef a Roo. But, y’know what? I feel pretty good! I’m careful to keep the ‘bad’ stuff to a minimum.

BUT! It has been neat to see what’s affected by the SAD and then my awesome Primal eatings. (I hate calling it a ‘diet’. It sounds so…limiting!)

My ears ring when I eat bread! My dad has SUPER tinnitus. He’s not sure why I’ve got mine, but…I discovered that 20 days of primal, and it was GONE. Like, no ringing at all!

I ate at Beef-a-Roo, and my bloodsugar SHOT up, and … THERE WAS THE RINGING! O.O

So, now I barely want to ‘cheat’ because of the ringing. I’m worried about eating some things because of the ringing! I just feel so FANTASTIC without, I’m worried about eating crap! This is HUGE for me! I’m not one of those people who ‘cared’ about ‘consequences’ before!

It’s difficult to eat out all the time with your family, but, I’m doing fairly well!

I’m just happy it’s all going so well! ^_^


Some success stories.

One of the things that I think keeps me going is the members of the forum over at Mark’s Daily Apple.

But, success stories sometimes bring near tears to my eyes.

This guy was HUGE…and now look at him. He’s RIPPED! At 53!

Is that how it’s supposed to work? And how it’s working?

And it’s working for me too!! I mean, in most things, ‘success stories’ are other people, right? It’s not supposed to be about me…I’m not supposed to succeed, but … here we are! I’m succeeding.

I feel like I can be another success story. Every time I go to the forums, I WANT to work out, I WANT to look like some of the people on the forum. And, the thing about this is…I feel like I can actually DO IT!

I already hit my first (Not very ambitious) goal! My next goal is size 40 pants comfortably!

Angry Bread!

So, one of the forum members, Rivvin, came up with some quick five minute bread.

I don’t want to lose the recipe (Again!) so I’m going to post it here, but full props goes to Rivvin for posting it Here.

Your Hardware:
A square or round glass container roughly the size of bread with a flat bottom.

Your Software:
1/4th cup flax meal or almond meal (they are both delicious)
2 tbsp fat (coconut oil or butter)
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg
100% of your respect for the sandwich!

Mix all of that together very well and then pour it in your container. Microwave it for 1 minute 20 seconds. Congratulations, you just made some bread. Now pop it out of the container and onto a plate and let it cool off and firm up a bit.

Roast beef with horseradish cheese? Hell yes!

How is this a diet again…?

Oh! That’s right! It’s a Lifestyle change!!

Happy birfday to me, happy birthday to me! Happy birthday happy birthday!

Happy birthday to me! ^_^

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, okay, so I weighed myself.

I now weigh less than I do on my driver license. I put down 255 on it, and now I’m at 252.4. How did this happen!?

Oh, I know, I’m eating right and Moving Slowly. I’m also trying to keep my stress down. Even though I don’t have a job, I’m…feeling alright.

I’m baking myself a cake, because no one else in the house is Primal/Paleo, so I found a recipe online, and I’m making it. We’ll see how it turns out. I’m going to treat myself to some raspberries and heavy whipped cream on it!

The cake recipe is from Girl Gone Primal.

Cake 4 Dummies! NO, really, it was stupidly simple, just be aware that the 175C means 350F! Baking it at 175F like an idiot won’t do much for you! Mine took about, oh, 20 minutes to bake till it was fluffy, and didn’t cling to a toothpick. I’m letting it rest and cool before I do anything else to it.

I need to go get some whipped cream…and raspberries.

Happy Birth-day to Mee!

So excited.

I went to Whole Foods today. I got a third a pound of scallops, which…have already been deliciously nommed. Half pound of organic lamb shoulder cubes, and a whole pound of ground Grass-Fed Organic Beef. It’s weird, I’m spending money on AMAZING food.

I also picked up some eggs (Of course! Can’t make omelets without eggs!) Some Omega-3 eggs, cage free, raised outdoors eggs, of…all kinds of different colors! They’re kind of neat.

Got some veggies, all organic, and some Ghee, which I thought I’d try. It really worked well with the scallops.

My Dairydiction continues, however. I got some cream cheese (To go with the salmon!) and some cottage cheese. But, I’ve pretty much cut grains entirely. I still slip up on occasion, but when I ate my ‘favorite’ rolls at Texas Roadhouse, it … just wasn’t what I wanted. The salad was awesome, even if it had no croutons. (Though, the honey mustard dressing probably wasn’t primal at all…which…I didn’t mind one bit! It was delicious!) I did have rice and flatbread at Old Jerusalem, a really stellar little place, but, really? And I had the extra fixings with the Sushi…In the entire visit my friend Jukka was out, that was all the places that I slipped. Otherwise, I stuck to what I’m doing, and did a lot of walking!

I want to go pick up the actual Primal Blueprint book tomorrow morning. I think it’ll be part of my Moving Slowly. I’ll go for a nice long walk after breakfast, snag the Primal Blueprint, and have that for some nice light regular reading at night, so that I don’t stay up all night and have difficulty sleeping again.

Tomorrow…Omelet! Cheese, onions, bell peppers, sour cream.

I can’t wait!

I had a FANTASTIC weekend!

So, a friend visited me from out East, and I had an AWESOME time!

But, I totally nommed all over some bread. I had about four pieces of flatbread, rice, and a roll at separate times through the weekend. I feel a little more bloaty, which isn’t comfortable at all. I’m not fond of that, but, I’m looking forward to being PRIMAL again!

I need to go shopping tomorrow, tonight I’ve got some kind of chuck steak sitting in the refrigerator that I need to cook up before it goes off, which, is probably tonight.

I think I’ll just cut it up real fine, toss it in the pan with some of my onions and bell peppers and squeeze a lime over it. Can’t really go wrong there, can ya!?

Tomorrow, I’m gonna go shopping! Woo! Mi Pueblo and Whole Foods (Which includes a three mile round trip walk!). Should be pretty, pretty darned good!

See y’all around!